Large Dog – #1 Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

What is the best pet nail clipper on the market today? According to Epica, it’s their plier-style stainless steel, easy-to-use professional clipper. But should we take their word for it? The pet nail clipping industry is full of claims and counterclaims. So finding out how good a product actually is in practice can be difficult. Here we’re going to review Epica’s nail clipper to see if it lives up to the hype.

Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper Large

Epica points to several advantages of their product. For instance, the product has a stainless steel construction that won’t rust and will stay sharp. It also has ergonomic rubber coated handles, designed to fit your fingers for more precise cutting. Epica also points out that their blades have the correct spacing for medium and large dogs, including collies and bulldogs. And finally, there is a safety lock on the blades that keeps them locked shut while not in use.

Customers of the product tend to agree with the notion that the product is ergonomic. One of the biggest advantages is the rubber grip on the handles. Many owners feel nervous before taking clippers to their dog’s nails. But the rubber handles help to give them confidence that their grip won’t slip. This is especially important for dogs who have thick, tough nails.

The clippers are also incredibly sharp. The clippers can cut through the nail in one simple cut, meaning that owners don’t have to worry about going back to the same nail multiple times. When the nail is cut cleanly and efficiently, it eliminates the need for filing, which can be stressful for dogs.

The final major advantage of the plier-style of cutters is that you can actually see what you’re doing. This contrasts to guillotine-style clippers where the view of the nail is sometimes obstructed. Epica includes a guide to help pet owners avoid cutting too far into the nail.

It should be said that most people have had a good experience with Epica’s clippers. But some have had problems. Perhaps the biggest issue with these clippers is the 30-day return policy. Unless customers clip their dog’s nails every day, there’s no way to test the quality of the clippers before the return period is up. Some pet owners have found that the clippers break at the hinge after less than ten uses. But they have not been able to return the product because it was outside the return window once used this many times. Thus, Epica needs to address quality issues that seem to be plaguing some of their clippers.

Another problem has to do with the safety guard. Some dog owners have found that the clipper’s safety guard can slip during use. When the safety guard moves, the owner is at risk of cutting the cuticle.

There’s little doubt that Epica has made a dog clipper that is sharp and will get the job done. But the firm needs to focus on the consistency of construction. Too many owners have had issues with build quality.

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